Simple Ways to Save
1. Enter Your Age
2. Check Way(s) you can Cut Costs  
      buy one less pizza per week
      home brew coffee vs. "designer" coffee
      take a sack lunch vs. fast food lunch
      cut back by three lottery tickets per week
      dine out one night less per week
      cut back by a half a pack of cigarettes per day
      car pool with a co-worker once a week
      enter a specific amount to save each week
3. Enter the Annual Rate of Return
Total Amount Saved:   
By Age 65: 
In 20 Years: 
Note: This calculator uses end of period formulas to determine payments. The rate of return is compounded monthly.
The following assumptions with respect to product savings per week are: pizza ($9.00), coffee savings ($6.50), lunch savings ($12.00), 3 lottery tickets ($3.00), dinner out ($15.00), cigarettes ($8.00), car travel ($10.00).